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 At Farm to Table we think that Eswatini has some of the most creative and dedicated entrepreneurs around so our goal is to support our local farmers and vendors. All produce is bought from small scale business owners, mainly in the Ezulwini and Malkerns region whilst all additional items come from small vendors throughout the country looking to grow their businesses.  Why support anything else when you have such an amazing variety of goodies on your doorstep? Every week you can select from our list of  fresh and seasonal produce in addition to the amazing extras also stemming from Eswatini such as eggs, condiments, non-food items and home baked goods.

To make sure we satisfy all of our lovely customers needs (everyone has different eating habits, we don't judge) there are two options when it comes to ordering your box:

Option 1: Pick n Mix  - This box comes in four different sizes (standard, family, jumbo and mega). Once selecting your box size, you can customise it by adding any of the locally sourced produce we have available up to the size limit of the box. Prices of each box are fixed according to the box size and include the delivery fee. 

Option 2: Cherry Pick - This box is the most customizable of all our box options. You can order as much or as little as you want and are not required to order produce as with the Pick n Mix. The boxes have a delivery fee according to the location of delivery in addition to each individual item added.

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So the question you are asking now is "how do I order?"

Easy, we provide updated google docs links every Thursday for you to place your order for the following week. Just fill in your details, answer a few questions and select what you would like. Make sure to place orders by Sunday if you want your box delivered the following week. Head on over to Place an Order and find the links for this week - and then get ordering!

Join our Whatsapp group for weekly reminders to place your orders by following this link:

Another method of easy ordering is to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter - just subscribe below! We look forward to seeing you in our outbox!


Our Farmers and Vendors

Meet our amazing entrepreneurs



Meet Phesheya, one of the first farmers to join the Farm to Table family. Pheshea has been filling up our boxes with carrots, brinjals, green peppers and lettuce since we opened in November 2017! He began farming three years ago with a small plot for lettuce on his father’s farm in Malkerns. After showing his dedication to the field, Pheshea grew the farm on his fathers land and began supplying produce to restaurants, mahlanya and of course, Farm to Table! At 30, Pheshea’s earnings go towards maintaining the farm and providing for his father and three sisters. He is the epitome of a hard worker and a genuinely great guy. Constantly displaying his desire to grow, Pheshea is looking for ways to supply Farm to Table with new and exciting produce (which we can’t wait for) and for empowerment programs that he can use for guidance and to gain more knowledge in his field. We have loved every minute of working with him and can’t wait to see how he will grow and achieve his goals.

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